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Seneca Trade Partners

Modern, Flexible, Trade and Stock Finance

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Presold Stock

Do you need to pay suppliers for pre-sold goods?

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Speculative Stock

Do you need to pay suppliers for goods that will go into your inventory for a short period before onward sale?

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Raw Materials and Components

Do you need to pay suppliers for raw materials or component parts?

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Do you need to raise finance on stock that’s already on your balance sheet?

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Who are Seneca Trade Partners…

We provide Trade Finance and Stock Finance to UK SMEs. We are sensible, flexible and fast. We operate across all sectors and we buy from suppliers in the UK and abroad. If you have a product of any type that you could sell to your customers, but you are struggling to fund the purchase of the inbound finished goods, raw materials or components, contact us today to see if we can buy the goods for you and provide you with time to pay.

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If you require funding for new or existing stock, either contact us directly via any of the methods listed here or fill in the form on this page with brief details of your stock funding requirement and one of our team will get back to you promptly.
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