Worker with fork pallet truck stacker, in a warehouse loading furniture panels

Is your cashflow Brexit-proof?

Uncertainty continues to prevail in the Brexit process. More and more UK businesses are giving serious thought to contingency planning as March 2019 approaches. In the event of no deal, does your business have enough headroom in its cash flow to survive unavoidable delays in getting your products to your customers?

We can provide working capital finance secured on goods that are waiting to be processed in your factory or that are waiting to be shipped to your customers. Even if those goods are located in a wagon that’s parked on the M20. Our finance is super flexible. We do not charge non-utilisation fees or early repayment fees. Our clients only use our funding when they actually need it, which makes it perfect for solving short-term cashflow problems. Having a stock finance facility set up and ready to go could be very useful if your business experiences unavoidable delays in getting your goods to your clients. Problems that are beyond your control.

A short-term working capital facility secured primarily on the goods you supply to your customers may well be a perfect answer to smoothing out any short-term Brexit problems. We have seen a marked increase in the number of UK manufacturers and wholesalers contacting us in recent weeks looking for just this sort of facility.

Also remember, we are a funder, not a broker. The stock funding products you see on our website are products that we have crafted in-house in order to solve our clients’ short-term working capital problems. We make these products available to our customers utilising our own funds. By talking directly to us you are talking to the decision-makers. We are fast and no-nonsense. If you think it might be sensible to have some contingency funding in place, possibly to use only if you need to, then please contact us today with your requirements.