A record month of new clients


February has been a record month for us. For the first time ever we are in double-digit territory for deals completed in the month, with 10 new facilities equating to well over £1m of new funds out.

This has been a great effort from all of the team, and our CRM system is doing the heavy lifting in terms of on-boarding all these new clients quickly and efficiently.

March shows no sign of the momentum slowing, as the pipeline is stronger than ever.

Why is this happening? Well, despite the relentless doom and gloom of the mainstream media, the UK is still open for business and hardworking SME owners are making deals across all sectors. We are a nation of importers when it comes to physical goods, and it is in the SME space where the real work is done in terms of sourcing, moving, improving and selling goods.

We have been providing stock finance to SME’s for 7 years now and we understand what SME owners need from their stock financing provider in terms of making their transactions go smoothly.

We are also immensely privileged to have a large network of talented introducers who trust us with their valued SME clients. This network provides not just high-quality leads, but also invaluable guidance to businesses looking to take a stock finance product from us. Having the knowledge to discuss stock finance facilities makes a big difference when it comes to getting the right stock funding product for a business owner, quickly. And in trade and stock finance, speed is often a key requirement.

We are always find new ways to speed up the on-boarding process, and our ever-advancing technology is a key part of that.