Another record month of new client facilities


July was another record month for us. We completed 11 new deals with total new facilities of over £1m.

Why are we busy? It’s the same reason as always. UK SME owners are world leaders in putting their shoulder to the wheel when it comes to sourcing stock from suppliers all over the world and satisfying UK consumer demand for products. Difficult times just seem to bring out the best in them.

Consumer trends move fast these days and we’ve invested heavily in our business over the last 7 years to ensure that we are not a bottleneck when it comes to quick-turn buying and selling. Our technology allows for quick decision-making and rapid deployment of funds for both new and existing client transactions. This speed also allows our clients to maximise the value of the transactions they are undertaking and it’s one of the main contributors to the growth that we are experiencing.

The best way to grow revenue is to turn orders into sales as quickly as possible. A Stock Finance facility from Seneca is a key component in delivering such growth for an increasing number of UK SMEs.