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Modern, Flexible, Trade and Stock Finance


Trade Finance is often said to be the world’s oldest financial product, because traders have always needed to buy goods before selling them.

A Trade or Stock finance facility from Seneca Trade Partners bridges this structural cashflow problem – helping buy goods or materials for our clients so they can trade with their customers.

With Seneca, the main difference between Trade and Stock finance is whether the goods are pre-sold or not, and we have a solution for both situations.

Some of our clients operate a straightforward trading pattern in which they receive confirmed orders and the goods go straight to the end customer once they arrive; a Seneca facility can fund these goods straight through to the customer.

For others the process is more complicated, with goods not being pre-sold, or a manufacturing or assembly process being necessary; Seneca can fund these goods or materials too.

We tailor our facilities to our clients’ trading circumstances, we operate in most sectors, and there are no patterns of trade we specifically avoid.

All our clients come to us with a common problem; they have strong demand for their products but the growth of their business is restricted by their inability to pay suppliers for new stock or to process existing stock.  A Seneca facility provides a  solution to this common problem allowing our clients to do what they do well, and do more of it!

If that sounds like your business, then please contact us to find out how our stock funding can transform the growth of your business overnight.

Seneca Trade Partners Ltd was established in 2016, taking its name from Seneca Partners, a provider of specialist investment, corporate finance and advisory services to SMEs, who invested alongside the founding management team.

You can find out more about Seneca Partners using the link below.

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