Does genuinely flexible stock finance exist?

In a word, yes! At Seneca Trade Partners, we provide top-up stock finance to our clients as and when they need it.

One of the great things about our stock finance products is that they complement rather than replace clients’ existing working capital facilities.

We regularly provide additional stock lending over and above existing loan or overdraft facilities. This means quick access to stock funding without the need to terminate other agreements, thereby avoiding early redemption charges.

Where our clients have an existing Invoice Finance facility, we have agreements with several lenders where a pre-agreed percentage of availability is paid directly to us to effect a continual repayment of the stock facility.



By providing additional capital at the front end of a transaction, we enable an end-to-end solution that funds a client’s entire working capital cycle. We recently provided 100% stock finance to a food manufacturer alongside an existing overdraft and invoice finance line. This facility was active within a week of the introduction.

Seneca Trade Partners offer on demand stock facilities from £25,000 to £3,000,000. To see how Seneca Trade Partners can enable you to grow your business by funding your inbound stock, contact us today on 03330 156 604 or via email at

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