Loan book growth continues as we come to the end of our 6th year of trading

Forklift truck moving boxes in a warehouse

It’s taken us 6 years, but our loan book has now exceeded £10m of active funds out for the first time. In fact, we’ve been so busy dealing with our ever-growing book of clients and other projects, that we forgot to post this update when it actually happened, and we are now at over £11m funds out, and still growing quickly! This is a fantastic milestone that we are really proud of, as a £10m loan book was the target we had in our minds when we set the business up in 2016. It’s great to have pushed past that original ambition and now be targeting bigger things still.

It could not have happened without the assistance of our broker and introducer network, and we would like to thank every introducer of business to us for their support, we appreciate it greatly and look forward to deepening these relationships further as we continue to grow.

We are also on the cusp of launching our own bespoke IT platform that has been nearly 2 years in development. This platform will provide real-time invoicing, account information and facility monitoring to our clients via our Seneca web portal and mobile app, placing them in complete control of all their stock purchasing and stock finance transactions. We think this will be an industry first in our space and will be the launchpad that propels our business onto the next phase of growth. Watch this space.

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