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Speculative Stock Finance

Speculative Stock Finance

Make sure you have stock on hand to meet demand

Do you have a track record of selling your products to your customers, but you know you could sell more if you had more stock stored locally?

We can buy your inbound stock for you, even if the stock is not pre-sold.  We know that sometimes you can’t sell your products unless you have the stock on hand in your warehouse. We can pay your suppliers so you can get your stock and then move it on to your clients over a short period.

  • We pay 100% of the purchase price plus freight and duty
  • We make multiple payments to different suppliers, all under one trade credit agreement
  • We pay your suppliers on the nose so you can drive a better deal
  • We calculate costs on a daily basis so you stop paying for trade credit the moment you repay us
  • We don’t levy service changes, you only pay for active trade credit
  • Flex your trade credit facility up and down depending on how much stock you need us to buy for you
  • The quicker you turn your stock into sales, the less you will have to pay in charges
  • Unleash the pent up growth potential that exists within your business!