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Use Trade Finance and Invoice Finance to supercharge your growth

Working with Invoice Financiers

Implementing a process that allows Trade Finance to link up seamlessly with Invoice Finance  has not always been easy.

This has changed with the introduction of our Trade Finance products, all of which demonstrate our flexible approach to stock handling. With these products we can ensure you keep your Invoice Finance facilities, whilst using our stock purchasing facilities to supercharge your growth.

We allow Invoice Financiers to pay us directly when stock that we have financed for you is sold.

This means that you can pay suppliers for stock as soon as you place an order, continue to offer your customers generous payment terms and repay our trade facility as soon as you invoice your customers, saving you money. We calculate costs on our trade facilities by the day with no early repayment charges so the sooner you repay the trade facility, the less you pay.

You can continue to handle your stock in line with your existing processes and bill your customers directly at point as sale just as you normally would. The only thing that changes is that you have increased purchasing power, allowing you to buy more stock and drive a better deal on the stock you buy.

Using Invoice Finance to generate cash immediately from the point of invoice provides additional liquidity to a trading business instead of waiting for customers to pay for goods they have received. Invoice Finance alone however cannot deliver the funds needed to pay suppliers for additional stock in situations where customer demand is increasing rapidly.

With our stock purchasing products we pay your suppliers for you. We are repaid directly from the Invoice Financer at the same time as they provide funds to you, when you have invoiced your customers. This seamless process means you can meet any demand for your products from your customers. The only thing then limiting your growth is how much of your product you can sell.


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